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 Brick Rendering

  • Rendering brick house is highly important because it does not only bring beauty to the house, and it does not only increase the value of the house but also, protect the brick against weather conditions such as wind and rain. Rendering protects the brick from aging and fragility. More than 30% of heat lost through the brick wall, Rendering, and especially Acrylic Rendering upgrade the energy efficiency.

 Foam/ Polystyrene  Rendering

  • Rendering foam walls has many benefits for its insulation advantages. Rendering foam/ Polystyrene walls improve protection against storms, heavy rains, and strong winds.   Rendering foam walls has a significant contribution in reducing heat loss which results in lowering energy bills. Rendering foam walls are exceptionally assisting in sound resistance where it improves sound isolation and absorbs the noise.Rendering foam walls make the exterior appearance more attractive and bring beauty to every corner to your place      

Adam Pro rendering

Hebel Panel Wall Rendering

Blue Board Rendering/ Fiber Sheet Rendering

Buildings that use the Hebel panel system are most cost-effective, fire-resistant, and fast during construction.
Rendering Hebel panels is a compulsory choice for everyone choosing to build using the Hebel system. Rendering Hebel provides amazing appearance along with crafting expansion joints. Rendering Hebel improves thermal insulation and provides more ratings to fire resistance. Also, it helps the acoustic performance.


 Bagging  Render

Bagging is applying added surface treatments to masonry surfaces that have been in use since the building first began. Actually traditional mud brick and slab buildings also have an applied finish similar to what has become known to us as “bagging

Bagging is an economic choice to add an additional layer to the wall surface